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Welcome to De Novo Coaching
Do you have a running goal or ambition?  If so, De Novo Coaching is here to help.  Whether you are thinking of taking your first steps in running or you have many miles in the bank and want to improve on your current performance, De Novo Coaching has the experience to get you to your own finish line.

Over the years, De Novo Coaching has helped many people to achieve personal success - over distances from 5K to the marathon and beyond.  Your success may be measured by personal records, age group performances, or even taking that first step out of the door after years of inactivity. Testimonials from runners who have undertaken their journey with De Novo Coaching show, in their words, how we have supported them.

You may have already tried internet training plans, training ideas from magazines, or programs delivered by smartphone app - none of which are individual to you.  De Novo Coaching believes that a successful plan needs to be designed with you in mind and take into account the fundamentals of consistent training and quality workouts delivered at the right time for you.  We never forgo your long-term goals at the expense of short-lived gains.

For this reason - before we start working together we will talk at length to ensure we are on the same page.  That we understand your goals and you understand our training philosophy.  Our correspondence training can be structured for you to achieve your goals anywhere in the world - with ongoing support from the Coach.

De Novo Coaching is passionate about running and welcomes you to take Your New Steps To Better Running.

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Recent events:
March 2014 - Garden State Yoga hosted a beginner class for De Novo runners
March 2014 - De Novo runners fielded 5 teams in the John Corrigan road relays (Long Island, NY)
March 2014 - Elite Performance Team's fitness seminar hosted a number of De Novo runners
January 2014 - Winter Time Trials were held, De Novo runners setting times over one mile or 5K

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